Because so many people rely on digital versions of documents, it’s easy to forget about those once highly-acclaimed all-in-one machines that give us hard copies. These machines are taken for granted to the point that we forget they’re connected to the network, which means they can represent another access point for hackers.

Researchers are continuing to find that copy machines remain a soft target for hackers on account of the fact that built-in security features are often ignored. In addition, some organizations have turned to outsourced managed print services (MPS), but in doing so, they have exposed their business to attacks in a different way. MSPs may have complex devices with other types of vulnerabilities.

How easy is it for hackers to gain access to an organizations system through copy/fax/printer machines?

A Check Point Research study in 2018 revealed that with only a target’s fax number and a normal phone line, hackers are able to infiltrate an all-in-one printer and control of it. It’s worth asking security teams, ‘How secure are our machines?’

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