Hackers aren’t the only supremely successful rule-breakers out there.

Author and business coach Sam Conniff Allende encourages regular, white-hat professionals to rethink structures and stagnant policies within their companies and to initiate changes. As he puts it, an act of rebellion can be an act of strength.

However, Conniff recommends that ‘rebellious’ thinkers not try to steer the ship alone. “…recruit others until they have enough mass force for the change…,” he suggests.

Those interested in re-writing the rules should offer a progressive, well-thought out path. One of the CISO’s key functionalities is to serve as an advisor, so suggestions are expected, but taking an even larger business leadership role can help you advance the business, and advance your career.

Consider clarifying and broadcasting a new view of risk and security. Set new goals, envision change, and outline fresh milestones.

And even if you lack extensive power, you can still influence the direction of change. The quest to innovate can start small.

But again, gather momentum from other people. One innovative CISO hired two full-time media professionals to enable his message to resonate with leadership and beyond. While it may not be necessary to take things to such an extreme, create a community of peers, help them broadcast your message, and learn how to communicate in a way that resonates with non-technical personnel.

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