Commercial artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to take the world by storm as the next major technological trend, and experts are on the lookout for novel ways to include AI within existing business structures. Many CIOs are moving ahead with plans to incorporate AI into their digital transformation strategy.

Of course, AI doesn’t have to come in the form of meta-humans with uber cognition in order to prove valuable; it merely has to help businesses achieve more than they can with current technologies.

Tim Ensor, Director of AI at Cambridge Consultants, notes that the company rolls out new AI initiatives as soon as the AI achieves a basic threshold, performing at a higher level than current programs allow for. The AI system may not be perfect when it is deployed, but AI learning algorithms can bolster the product with additional ‘on-the-job’ training.

Modern AI retains the capacity to take in patterns and churn out results faster than ever before. New developments in the underlying AI architecture are responsible for delivering streamlined business outcomes.

No need to wait for quantum advances before allowing AI to transform your digital initiatives. Evolve now.

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