As a CISO, your role revolves around effectively communicating with other stakeholders in the business, building the trust that will lead to bigger security budgets and better overall security structures and protocols.

In essence, your job is to shift the organization to a “cyber everywhere” approach, mitigating as much organizational risk as possible. However, succeeding in this endeavor demands a crucial, and perhaps unexpected skill: storytelling.

Many CISOs opt for a data-driven style when presenting information to other teams, executive leaders, or the Board. However, metrics and statistics often fail to resonate with non-technical individuals.

Instead, tell a clear narrative. Stories persuade an audience to adhere to a particular point of view by offering context, easy-to-understand rationale, and ideas that people can relate to.

Forbes Council Member, Gary Hayslips, describes the storytelling formula as: Context + Value = Informed Decision Making

Be sure to conclude your story with descriptions of ideal future outcomes that will benefit the group.

Those who tell a good story will walk away with what they came for, and stand out as trustworthy leaders. Those who fail to craft the right narrative might lose more than it might seem.

If you boil it down, your communication skills as a CISO could make or break your career. For detailed content regarding how to become a master of business level storytelling, visit CEO Magazine.