The cyber weather forecast is for more clouds.

Outsourcing computing needs is cheap and easy in the age of the cloud. Nonetheless, barriers to adoption continue to prevent organizations from taking full advantage of this resource. Is your organization still stuck in the past?

One obstacle to adoption is people. There’s so much to think about, and so much to do. “How do you wrap your head around it and get your own people to actually change?” asked one Chief Technology Officer.

But the most significant roadblock is security. With spending on cloud infrastructure hitting $24.3 billion this year, organizations can’t afford to go without cloud protections. Yet, many do not wish to invest, or take inadequate measures in order to cut costs in the short term.

Safeguarding customer and partner data is more important than it’s ever been for organizations transitioning to cloud-based data storage and striving to build consumer or partner trust. Seventy-one percent of survey respondents indicated that their respective organizations will fortify their security structures this year, spending more on security than previously.

After a season of tempestuous data breaches, this spending is well justified. For more on best practices for securing your public cloud, read this report.