Trying to accomplish more, look sharp, and be on-time? New on-demand helicopter services can optimize your routine. To help you quickly reach your destination, and then quickly whisk you on to the next, a $200-$250.00 transport expense may pay off.

In July, Uber launched a service that rapidly transports individuals between JFK and Manhattan. Tap-to-fly. The flight takes 8 minutes, saving travelers nearly an hour or more of valuable time, depending on traffic conditions.

Despite some quiet enthusiasm, not everyone is overjoyed to offload road traffic to the sky. After a helicopter crash in June, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that he would like to ban commercial helicopters from Manhattan skies.

In both New York and Silicon Valley, Blade has emerged as an elite, private pilot service that aims to cut down on nightmare commute times for those who can afford it. Sharable flights for commuters are expected to be available in 2023.

For some, helicopter commuting has proved so good that they actually wish that the commute were a tiny bit longer so that they could better enjoy the view and sample the complementary cookies.

Other start-up air companies are also beginning to get off the ground. For more info on new private, luxury aviation initiatives, visit The New York Times.