Hackers permeate every time zone, presenting an endless barrage of threats. As a result, it pays to have a global security team with satellite offices across the globe.

Establishing a globalized, remote security team comes with a variety of impediments, one of which is propagating the team’s work values and culture within a new landscape. While values may seem like a vague background piece of the picture, awareness of company values underpins top-quality work, and a strong work ethic.

And from an HR perspective, without company values, there’s often a lack of buy-in from employees, and a missing sense of commitment.

Nonetheless, with a few savvy solutions, you can skirt this issue, and help your organization successfully grow with talent stationed overseas.

  • Consider either temporarily or permanently sending an established employee to manage new employees in a foreign, satellite office. This person can transplant the team’s general knowledge, processes, tools, and values. In addition, this individual will be well-positioned to answer any questions, and to get new employees situated within their roles.
  • As you establish standardized policies and protocols to fit the new environment and needs, you will inherently build the company’s values and mission into these structures. Consequently, new employees will gain a sense of what’s expected, acceptable and what’s rewarded within the company.
  • A unified company culture hinges on outstanding internal communication. One means of reaching employees is through company blogs and newsletters. A written dialogue about the day-to-day events and successes within a company can affect how employees see themselves in relation to the goings-on of within the organization.

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