Making use of artificial intelligence (AI) within your business can yield huge payoffs. It can offer you a competitive edge, and drive value.

With its unbeatable ability to solve problems, AI can serve to support human intelligence, enabling your initiatives to move ahead at greater speed, and with immaculate precision.

As the market is littered with ways that AI can boost your revenue, we’ve distilled things down to the three types of AI investments that are most likely to add value to your business:

  1. A Gartner report indicates that organizations can incur costs as high as $540,000 per hour due to preventable technical failures. Artificial intelligence that processes high volumes of information can lead to reduced operational downtime. For example, within a manufacturing company, AI can quickly identify and communicate about inefficient machine operations, avoiding production line stoppage.
  2. Adopt AI to filter job applicants. Artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms can scan candidate’s resumes for keywords, reducing the amount of time that HR screeners have to set aside for reviewing materials.
  3. Integrate artificial intelligence into cybersecurity architecture, or invest in architecture that comes with built-in AI tools. Within cybersecurity programs, AI can easily screen for anomalies that may indicate a pending cyber attack, and offer real-time updates, allowing IT teams to attend to more pressing concerns.

While not as competent as a human brain, the true advantages of AI emerge from its capacity to monitor and make decisions, as exemplified above. When paired with human insights, AI insights offer powerful capabilities and unprecedented opportunities to enhance business growth.

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