Two weeks ago, cyber threat actors slammed the state of Texas with a slew of coordinated ransomware attacks. However, there’s one Texas town that evaded the trouble.

Immediately following a phone call indicating suspicious computer activity, Lubbock’s Director of Technology and Information Systems, Isaac Badu, sent a team of IT workers to pull the affected computer off of the network. The team effectively isolated the computer, preventing the cyber attack from spreading throughout the county’s system.

The rapid response, combined with employee awareness, and a proper security posture enabled Lubbock to completely defeat the ransomware threat. Unlike the other 22 Texas counties, Lubbock did not suffer the catastrophic effects of down computers for days, and the inability to process utility payments or other routine paperwork. One town suffered prolonged problems with their policing and library systems.

“If your file is encrypted, you just restore it and you’re good to go,” said Mr. Badu.

Texas’s Chief Information Security Officer, Edward Block, reinforces Mr. Badu’s assertions. “With a more complete IT program and security program, it’s easier to resist these type of events,” he says.

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