Smart phones have become the direct link between emergency service providers and the people seeking emergency services. Whether hit with a natural disaster, or hit by the careless driver behind them, people use their phones to obtain help in all sorts of crisis situations.

One issue with mobile phones is that emergency personnel have difficulty pinpointing callers’ locations. Given that as many as 80% of emergency calls are made from mobile phones in some countries, figuring out how to locate people quickly and easily is imperative. So how are tech companies working to resolve this shortcoming?

It’s no secret that our phones track our  every move. While , there are cases when our phones’ location data can make the difference between life and death.

Newcomers to the tech market, like Israeli startup Carbyne, are breaking into the tech world solely to provide solutions to support emergency systems and accelerate emergency response times.

Carbyne claims it improves the average emergency communication and response time by up to 65%. Others, like RapidSOS are looking to bridge the gap between smart phone calls to emergency service providers and traditional public safety answering points to get more accurate location data from non-smart phone calls.

In emergency situations where every second counts, these companies can improve real world outcomes with their technological advances.

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