Conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research, Deloitte’s Future of Cyber Survey 2019 aggregated data from 500 C-level executives responsible for cyber security in companies earning $500 million or more in annual revenue.

Nearly 80% of CISO survey respondents reported that cyber security issues do come up in board meetings, and that they represent an piece of the board’s agenda on a quarterly basis, at minimum.

When asked about the top ranked digital transformation initiatives in their companies, survey respondents said the following:

Image courtesy of Deloitte.

The migration to cyber everything means that CISOs must give more attention than ever to cyber risk management. This requires integrating IT knowledge with business objectives, operational requirements and budgetary resources.

The top three domains in which cyber security professionals tend to spend their time are cyber governance, cyber resilience and cyber monitoring and operations.

Image courtesy of Deloitte.

Deloitte’s survey report notes that formidable obstacles continue to cripple companies seeking to strengthen their cyber security. Obstacles include complexities related to data management, prioritizing risks, and rapid IT changes.

“From the data discussed thus far, we can conclude that many organizations today aren’t fully equipped to efficiently and effectively tackle today’s cyber demands,” writes Deloitte.

Because cyber affects all aspects of an enterprise, changing the status quo regarding how companies conceptualize and tackle cyber threats is imperative.

When organizations recognize and embrace the ubiquity and necessity of IOT, AI and digital transformation, opportunities open up, unlocking immeasurable potential.

For more information, read Deloitte’s survey results.