Everybody loves apps.

Do the flurry of apps crowding our desktops and phones increase productivity, or throw people on the fast track to burnout? It remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: as evidenced by a surge in adoption within the corporate setting, apps appear to offer at least short-term short-cuts and employee perks.

According to the Okta study, roughly 10% of enterprises engage with over 200 apps. Across the globe, the use of enterprise software has skyrocketed, with spending expected to soar at a rate of 8.5% this year, and a market forecast of $431 billion in related expenses. Cloud-based software subscriptions will likely make up the lion’s share of the spending.

Within large businesses (more than 2,000 employees), software usage has jumped by 68% over the last four years. The average large company organizes and orients itself with the help of 129 different apps. Among smaller firms, new software implementation has taken root more slowly, but the average number of apps used per year has increased by 25% since 2015.

Apps that double as security tools (password managers, password protection…etc.) are seeing the fastest rates of adoption.

Office-trivia fact: Not all apps that employees engage with at work actually help them facilitate their job related duties. Roughly 50% of Okta survey respondents admitted to shopping online while at work, while 6% admitted to the occasional glance at a dating app while in the office.

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