Announced on the internet earlier this week, a brand new hacking tool has been leaked.

The individual responsible for this leak has previously let the cat out of the bag on the source code for six other hacking tools, along with a slew of information about past hack victims, and other tech attackers.

The tool, called Jason, is reportedly a GUI utility for certain brute-force email servers. It “…works by trying various login passwords until it finds the correct one,” explains Bleeping Computer. Anti-virus engines on VirusTotal remain incapable of detecting the utility altogether.

The leaker’s Telegram channel states that the tool is currently used by the Iranian government to hack emails and pilfer information. The government’s exact motives remain obscure.

The leaker, known by the alias of Lab Dookhtegan, routinely makes a point of exposing Iranian intelligence agents “sharing their real names, social media profiles, phone numbers, or personal photos, on an almost daily basis,”

Although analysts initially believed that Lab Dookhtegan worked for the Iranian government, the prevailing opinion maintains that this alias represents a foreign intelligence agency that is trying to expose Iranian hacking efforts.

Knocking down Iran’s cyber-espionage operations seems to be at the core of Lab Dookhtegan’s initiatives.

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