Every response counted! In our Q1 survey, we asked you, our influential readers, to answer five questions about your company’s stance on cyber insurance and cyber security.

The results are in, and the news is big. The infographics below will feed you some fast facts. After scrolling through, be sure to read our data summary to see how your company stacks up!

Infographic 1

Yes, 54.8% of respondents reported either having invested or the intention to invest in cyber insurance, while nearly a third had no idea about their company’s investments, or lack thereof, in cyber insurance.

It’s old news by now that a league of insurance companies denied claims related to Notpetya, vaulting over claims by citing the ‘nation state’ clause. An astounding half of you seem to be up in arms about this, and have put your feet down, saying that it’s not worth renewing your policy. Only 17.3% of respondents said that the Notpetya news has potentially increased your likelihood to renew.



When it comes to rating the importance of a supply chain partner’s cyber security, you averaged a score of 3.4 on a scale of one to five. Digging into the deadly details, 17.5% of respondents indicated that supply chain cyber security goes entirely unchecked. Read about how supply chain security could make or break your business in How to avoid the domino effect.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that nearly 40% of survey respondents have endured the vexing distress of a supply chain attack within the past year. That’s like the percentage chance of seeing a cloud in the sky on a crisp day in October, in New York. A strong possibility! Twenty-nine percent of respondents weren’t sure about whether or not their supply chains had been victims of attack, while 31.1% were lucky enough to dodge any supply chain related threats.

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