The competing triumphs and perils of artificial intelligence are locked neck and neck in a race to reinvent society as we know it.

An increasing amount of money is being thrown at Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the hopes of deploying it to accelerate business initiatives and drive success. AI related progress is being made in many areas, and “for investors looking for early signs that artificial intelligence will disrupt industries, cyber security is a top sector to watch,” writes Investors Business Daily.

Companies from Walmart to John Deere are sprinting to employ AI in streamlining business processes.

Last week, Google trotted out a new artificial intelligence based tool to assist companies in easily transferring large volumes of complex information from paper to digital or server to cloud. The tool can “automatically classify, extract, and structure data within scanned documents,” expediting data analysis, and savvy decision making. Advances like this one represents AI at its best.

What about AI at its worst? Experts are concerned that threat actors will use AI to propagate, perpetuate and scale attacks. The British House of Lords received a report last year suggesting that attackers could utilize AI to imitate individuals’ writing styles, increasing apparent authenticity within phishing attacks. Hackers could also potentially use AI to develop mutating malware to circumvent detection.

To front-run the bad guys (or gals), companies are spending more on AI and ML than in years prior, and 76% of survey respondents claim that it has enhanced the safety of their business.

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