Getting the most out of your cyber security solution goes beyond buying and installing the product. In order to maximize the value of your cyber tools, follow these strategic guidelines:

See to it that your talented cyber security team really does have all of the training that they need in order to effectively manage the new cyber tools that your company has purchased. Insure that employees understand the detailed, supplementary metrics that your cyber security program offers. Deep insights into the data will guard against misperceiving a human error and will help to expedite clean-up in the event of a cyber breach.

Insure that your team is proactively hunting for threats. Does someone regularly comb the logs to verify that there hasn’t been any malicious activity? Threat indicators like firewall logs, web proxy logs, and endpoint data are all good places to begin.

What does your cyber security road map look like? Define your target state of cyber security and reevaluate it continuously. Whether or not your company is on the right cyber security path will depend on an ever-changing constellation of conditions, and it’s critical to insure that teams pay attention to how these moving pieces affect security. If corporate growth leads to an influx of new hardware, it may be time to upgrade your security architecture.

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