Marie Kondo, author The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and star of the hit Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, introduced many of us to the sense of fulfillment and gratification that can accompany decluttering our spaces.

Kondo’s approach is predicated on evaluating whether or not objects spark joy; those that do can remain, while those that do not are thanked for their service, and then discarded. An intentionally arranged environment begets a confidence and clarity of mind that cascades into all aspects of life. A neatened space supports you in seamless, focused productivity and innovation.

This method enriches individual lives, and can potentially deliver benefits for enterprises as well. “Could she also be the cyber security guru you’ve been looking for?” writes DarkReading with impish optimism.

Many organizations needlessly store massive volumes of data on their machines. People “just keep it for a rainy day,” says one corporate CEO.

It’s a nagging mess and, inevitably, this unnecessary data represents a security vulnerability. Should a breach occur, you will still be held liable despite the data’s disuse.

“…organizations should look at data and ask whether it brings value in excess of its cost.” If the data offers insights and has the potential to enhance your revenue stream within the next quarter, then keep it. If not, permanently delete it. In the long-run, this process fortifies your business.

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