In the cybersecurity industry, women make up only 20% of the workforce. Many companies are looking to improve on this statistic, and a new report released today by the Women Tech Counsel offers a series of best practices to help get organizations started.

Studies have shown that cognitive diversity in the workplace leads to higher team performance. People develop knowledge bases, refine analytical thinking and hone their creative skills due to an incredible range of experiences, and we need to source as much of that uniqueness as possible.

“Our teams need to be as diverse as the problems we are trying to solve,” a distinguished industry leader commented.

The people (hackers) creating the problems are of both genders and come from all cultural upbringings and backgrounds. “The wider variety of people and experience we have defending our networks, the better our chances of [corporate] success,” notes a senior cybersecurity expert.

More collaboration happens within more diverse teams, leading to greater cross-organizational synergy, a factor that also contributes to increased business success.

Bringing in voices representative of everyone who participates in our digital economy and society drives high growth and ROI. The fact that the cybersecurity industry has a profusion of openings in field presents the industry with the unique opportunity to be a leader in leveraging diverse talent.

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