Just as the Pyeongchang Olympics and the World Cup were in the cross-hairs of cybercriminals, so too will be Super Bowl LIII, taking place this Sunday. Unlike the Olympics and the World Cup, however, the Super Bowl is a one-day affair. As such, the threats are more or less predictable. For the cyber savvy, routine precautions are no-brainers. For hackers, it’s a chance to pick the low-hanging fruit.

Most experts agree that the likely threats will be for those who are searching for the Super Bowl website and for a “free” way to watch the game. What to expect: Hackers will likely look to plant links that closely resemble credible or official sources, to lure the unsuspecting to websites laden with malware.

Another likely scenario: Attendees at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta who attempt to use the stadium Wi-Fi will be targets. The best advice: Don’t. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are invitations to Man in the Middle Attacks. Use your personal hotspot on your phone, instead.

But let’s face it. We all know the real enticement for tuning in to the Super Bowl is the ads. Am I right? For those who just want to cut to the chase, Check Point has its own very special lineup.

Here’s a rundown of the four best Super Bowl ads you won’t see on TV:

  1. In the era of Super Bowl LIII, it’s time for Gen V: If you’re lucky enough to be one of the $3K+ ticket holders, you’ll have access to game-day program ads, like this one:


2. Hacker Vs Cat Lady: Who doesn’t love an adorable cat video? Dog lovers come to mind, but that’s beside the point. In the latest installment of the Cyber Security Fails series, an unsuspecting feline-loving office worker is lured into clicking on kitty videos, which results in downloaded malware. Cat Lady Malware


3. Out on a Limb: Another new episode from the Cyber Security Fails series. A hospital patient, whose limbs are in traction, suddenly finds his appendages out of control when cloud-controlled hospital equipment is taken over by a hacker. Ouch!Out on a Limb_Hospital Cybersecurity


4. What Not to Expect When You’re ExpectingThe third latest installment of the of the Cyber Security Fails series. A young couple enters the hospital as the woman goes into labor, only to find hackers have messed with their records in the cloud, leaving hospital staff to mistakenly believe there’s an impending vasectomy instead of an impending child delivery.What Not to Expect_Hospital Cybersecurity


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