It’s becoming increasingly understood that the CISO role needs to be elevated. As that scope of responsibility expands, the need to distill the essential elements required for a cyber-secure organization becomes paramount. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) suggests that products, processes, and people are the keys.

According to TechRepublic, those elements are at the heart of three trends identified by Kelvin Coleman, executive director of the NCSA, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity and privacy education. Coleman sees these themes as impacting cybersecurity even beyond 2019.

In abbreviated form, following are the trends Coleman believes CISOs would be wise to tune in to:

  1. Generation Z WorkforceThis is a generation raised on technology, which will have a big influence on how devices are used in the workplace. Because of this, and due to the fact that cybersecurity is showing up in more curriculum, Coleman believes the cybersecurity workforce will be largely populated by younger workers.
  2. Phishing is Not Going AnywhereIf anything, these types of attacks will only get better as they evolve and hackers have more material to work with, due to the volume of data breaches. Echoing Coleman’s words, TechRepublic writes, “These attacks are often effective because they rely on human behavior, rather than a vulnerability in a system.”
  3. Employee Education is Not One Size Fits AllFrom phishing to other weak spots in the organization, employees must be brought in to the cybersecurity discussion and understand the stakes. Given the evolving threat landscape, training will need to shift to keep pace with the trends.

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