If you’re a CISO struggling to fill a cybersecurity talent gap or trying to convince top leadership that you need more resources for your organization’s security, the latest news from the business world of cybercrime might underscore the issues. A cybercriminal group is now hiring, and their “corporate” listing looks like it was taken straight from a job board. The cybercrime group known as The Dark Overlord—known recently for leaking insurance and legal documents related to the 9/11 attack—is behind the hiring campaign, Axios reports.

Ironically, Cyber Talk reported last week about an incident that involved hackers and hiring, as well—except the candidate didn’t know he was interviewing with hackers. Cybercriminals were working to trick the candidate to download malware onto his work computer.

CyberScoop reports that The Dark Overlord advertised four open positions on the KickAss Forum, a cybercrime marketplace. The ad read, “Do YOU want to get Rich?” Come work for us!” The group later reported that three of the positions were filled.

Two of the job posting’s requirements:

  • 10 years of experience in programming, software design, database management, or other related fields, along with 5 years of team-based work experience.
  • Strong work ethics and a willingness to work full time for this organization.

The group writes, “If you’re goal oriented and used to objectives and achieving them, you’re perfect for us.”

The Dark Overlord promised to pay new employees $63,500 per month, which amounts to an annual salary of $762,000 per year. After two years of working, the monthly salary could be bumped up to $89,000.

Looks like cybercrime pays well, but it comes with its own set of consequences. The group has lost a number of employees to arrests, which would explain the need for new hires.

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