In 1992, Kevin Mitnick was one of the most notorious hackers in the United States. He was also one of America’s most wanted criminals, and was on the run. At the time Mitnick was residing in Denver, Colorado under a fake name while he tried to evade government surveillance, Motherboard reports.

To keep himself hidden from the watchful eye of the United States government, Mitnick decided to hack the Motorola MicroTAC Ultralite, “the iPhone X of the 1990s.” His thought process “was to try changing the identifying data on the phone, or even turn off the ability for cellphone towers to connect to it and, thus, give the cops his location” writes Motherboard.

To complete his plan, Mitnick decided to steal the source code to the phone – a decision he later regretted. Shockingly, he was able to pull of the heist with a few simple phone calls with Motorola’s own staff by faking his identity.

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