When it comes to securing business, don’t forget to address internal factors.

A new report from 24/7meeting indicates that internal staff–and especially senior managers–need to be better trained with regard to helping to keep the organization cyber secure, according to MarTech Series.

Incredibly, 25 percent of senior managers reported encountering a stranger on a conference call. That same amount also admitted sharing conference call login information with others, even though sensitive business issues were discussed on calls.

Adding to the stats of shame, nearly half of employees reported using communication technologies at work without knowing if they were secure. And, more than a third didn’t know how to access their organization’s security policy.

You would think these poor security practices might be curbed with new regulations such as GDPR and the like. Unfortunately, MarTech reports that 1 in 4 employees with access to customer data admit they haven’t been trained on GDPR.

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