Earlier this month, we reported that remote desktop protocol (RDP) access to a major airport’s entire security system was being sold on the dark web for a mere $10. As TechRepublic notes and as we reported last Fall, cybercrime across the dark web isn’t anything new, but the low prices for doing so are.

While a targeted attack will run you around $4,500, it only costs $40 to have a hacker infiltrate a business’s email to obtain sensitive information. Other available services identified by the researchers include a DDoS attack for $50, a website hacking for $150, and theft of payment data for $270. And with costs so low, a cybercriminal could easily purchase multiple services to create a multi-directional attack on a large enterprise.

The cost of entry for cyberattacks puts more power into the hands of amateurs. Now anyone looking to target an enterprise no longer has to do the heavy lifting – they just need to have the pocket change to throw at the those who know the business.

More than ever, it’s important to stay on top of cybersecurity in order to prevent threats—whether from the amateurs or the pros.

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