Each year, the Ponemon Institute publishes its Cost of Data Breach Study. The central theme: Time is money. It comes down to how long it takes to identify an incident and how long it takes to resolve it. In Cyber Talk’s recent site survey, we asked participants to report their experience with recent cyberattacks and the impact on their organizations. Below is a quick snapshot of our findings.

  • As we know, three major cyberattacks occurred in 2017: Bad Rabbit, NotPetya, and WannaCry. More than 24 percent of respondents said WannaCry had the highest impact on their organizations.
  • Among those that were hit by at least one of the major cyberattacks, 59 percent reported that it took them more than one day to discover the problem.
  • 62 percent of those that were impacted by one or more of the major attacks noted it took more than one day to get the systems up and running following the incident. Nearly 13 percent said it took several months to restore their systems.
  • When asked to estimate the damage level of the last attack on their systems, data and company reputation, 33 percent ranked the damage as medium. An additional 27 percent reported it was difficult to estimate the damage.

Thanks to all who participated. Please share your views by participating in our new survey. All responses are kept anonymous.

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