At the recent RSA conference in San Francisco, CIO Dive Editor Naomi Eide talked with six cybersecurity experts to find out what bugged them most about cybersecurity. While some point to jargon, others point to industry issues. Below are several highlights from her interviews.

  1. Resources. The well documented shortage of cybersecurity talent has made it difficult for some companies to shore up their security stance. That issue becomes magnified alongside the cost of doing business in the cybersecurity landscape. As a result, larger organizations with bigger budgets have an unfair advantage over smaller entities.
  2. Complexity. The scale of attacks, infrastructure, and intertwined connections creates a more complex world that makes it more challenging for CISOs to prioritize and operate effectively.
  3. Visibility. Organizations have blind spots–not just to their networks, but also their assets. Without that line of sight, it becomes nearly impossible to secure the organization.
  4. Awareness. In the scramble to address workloads, security can sometimes be perceived as too complex. At other times, the risks can be overlooked. The industry needs to be more proactive in educating and building awareness around addressing the challenges of cybersecurity.

As an editor, I can’t help sharing my favorite peeve from the roundup: “When people put HIPAA with two P’s and not two A’s.”

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