A new cyber security study by Accenture finds that CEOs and Board members are getting more involved with the cybersecurity of their organizations. And, with that comes more control over the budget.

Karen Talley from FierceCEO reports that two-thirds of CEOs and boards now have direct oversight of cybersecurity, according to the Accenture study. As this change has occurred, top leadership has wrested some of the budget authorization from the CIO.

CEOs and boards are now approving 59 percent of the budget, compared with only 33 percent the previous year. “By contrast, the CIO has less control over funding, with a drop in budget authorization to 29% this year versus 35% in 2017,” writes Talley.

The Accenture study also finds that things are changing with the CISO/CSO role, with just 9 percent budget control this year, compared to 11 percent in 2017. “This change in reporting structure and governance will require the CISO to report differently to the CEO and board compared with the CIO/CTO—focusing on business impact, using the language of business,” says Accenture.

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