According to Statista, in the United States alone, there were 1,579 data breaches reported in 2017. Israel’s Homeland Security (iHLS) site reports that 1,000 data breaches occurred just for the first half of that same year. In addition, Check Point Software reports that 64 percent of organizations experienced a phishing attack during 2017. The point: The number of cyberattacks continues to grow worldwide. As a result, more cybersecurity firms are lighting up around the globe–especially in Israel, which is also where Check Point Software is headquartered.

According to iHLS, “70 new companies were founded within the Israeli cybersecurity sector during 2017, bringing the total number of active cybersecurity companies in Israel to a whopping 420.” That increase puts Israel in second place in the cybersecurity market, followed by the US and ahead of the UK.

As the cybersecurity industry as a whole comes together to form a collaborative front, like with the the Cyber Threat Alliance, the melting pot of talent becomes even more important. The more businesses on the side of good, the greater the opportunity to eliminate the weeds in the cybersecurity landscape. And that means a more cyber-secure world.