Earlier this week, security researchers from CTS Labs were said to have identified vulnerabilities with AMD processors. Oddly, the researchers only gave AMD about a day’s notice before going public with their findings. Even odder: Not even an hour after the flaws were publicized, a financial firm jumped into the ring predicting AMD’s demise. Many are wondering if there were underhanded tactics at play.

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Motherboard reports, “Typically, researchers give companies a few weeks or even months to fix the issues before going public with their findings. To make things even stranger, a little bit over 30 minutes after CTS Labs published its report, a controversial financial firm called Viceroy Research published what they called an ‘obituary’ for AMD.”

Bicchierai added that a statement from CTS Labs appeared to imply that it might have some kind of financial stake in the performance of AMD’s stock.

Quoting the security research firm, Bicchierai wrote, “‘We may have, either directly or indirectly, an economic interest in the performance of the securities of the companies whose products are the subject of our reports,’ CTS Labs wrote in the legal disclaimer section of its report.'”

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