Hackathons, which gather together people to play with code to solve problems or identify bugs, are nothing new. But when it comes to the Catholic Church, it’s groundbreaking.

This week, hackathon history is being made in Vatican City. According to its website, VHacks, the 36-hour event, aims to address global issues. One of its themes: “Encourage solidarity by restoring human-centric thinking and values in our increasingly digital world.”

Wired reports “In his tenure, (Pope) Francis has embraced social media—he has 17 million Twitter followers and more than 5 million devotees on Instagram—and even spoke last year at TED….But he’s also openly discussed the peril of technology.”

Before inviting participants, the organizers recognized the fact that technology and its applications can create impact on a global scale. In consideration of that, they looked for individuals from different backgrounds and faiths, from various programs and academic institutions around the world.

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