After announcing its keynote lineup for the upcoming RSA cybersecurity conference–one of the largest of its kind–organizers found themselves faced with a competing event.

Out of 22 of its keynotes, RSA’s current agenda includes one woman: Monica Lewinsky, who is a cyberbullying activist, but not a cybersecurity expert. In response, a group has formed to create an alternate conference–called Our Security Advocates Conference (OURSA)–that will feature more industry women.

Kate Conger from Gizmodo reports that an RSA spokesperson pointed to the industry itself to explain the lack of female representation for its conference. But as Conger writes, “Shifting the blame back to the industry doesn’t feel like the right response—especially for women who work in security but don’t see themselves reflected in conference lineups. (CES also faced blowback this year for not including diverse keynote speakers.)”

While RSA runs April 16-20th, OURSA will take place on April 17. According to Conger, it will feature talks on security engineering, privacy, ethics, and advocating for high-risk groups. “Speakers include Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Aanchal Gupta of Facebook, Adrienne Porter Felt of Google, Kelly Lum of Spotify, and Sha Sundaram of Snap,” reports Conger.

Since the alternate conference began to materialize, RSA told USA Today that its lineup was not final. In addition, Monica Lewinsky is trying to work with RSA to bring more diversity to its planned speakers.

Oh, and by the way, it’s women’s history month.

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