While it’s true that Bitcoin has been all over the map lately and losing credibility as a digital currency, it’s still relevant (for now) and it still has value. Lucky for rapper 50 Cent, who accepted Bitcoin for album purchases back in 2014.

Even luckier: 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy two years ago and his Bitcoin payment that he had forgotten about is now worth about $7.7 million. NPR, quoting 50 Cent, reported, “I’m a keep it real. I forgot I did that s***.”

There are a lot of ironies to this story, beginning with the rapper’s name to the fact that Animal Ambition followed Get Rich or Die Tryin’. When 50 Cent’s album was released in 2014, one Bitcoin was worth more than $600, according to NPR. Today it is worth about $11,000 after dropping from $20,000 last month.

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