There are lots of 2017 summaries and predictions for the year ahead, but Wired’s roundup of the top 10 most dangerous people on the internet proves to be one of the more interesting recaps of the year. While not all can be pegged as cybercriminals, there’s something to be said about the power of provocateurs.

Below are those who made the list.

  1. Donald Trump, President of the United States
  2. Ajit Pai, US Federal Communications Commission Chair
  3. Ashin Wirathu, Burmese Monk
  4. ISIS, Militant Group
  5. The Shadow Brokers, Hacker Group – known for stealing NSA tools
  6. Rod Rosenstein, US Deputy Attorney General
  7. Sandworm, Hacker Group – linked to NotPetya and cyberattacks in Ukraine
  8. Lazarus, Hacker Group – believed to be responsible for WannaCry
  9. Andrew Anglin, Creator of Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Website
  10. Cody Wilson, Founder of Gun Access Group, Defense Distributed

Find out why these people were nominated as the most dangerous people on the internet at Wired.