The Monday that follows Thanksgiving is known to consumers as Cyber Monday, a day of online deals. Unfortunately, it’s also a day of online steals for hackers. A new report by OpenVPN shows a connection between the likelihood of being a victim and one’s age, sex and location.

Alison DeNisco Rayome writes in TechRepublic that “attacks against consumers increase almost 40 percent on Cyber Monday.” After studying cybercrime data reported in 2015 and 2016, OpenVPN learned that men are 75 percent more often likely to be cybercrime victims than women. In addition, people 50 years of age or older were the group most likely to fall victim to attacks in about 30 states, the report found.

Below is snapshot of the top 10 states that were hit by cybercrime in 2016, along with the total money lost to internet crime, as reported in TechRepublic.

  1. California–$255,181,657
  2. Florida–$88,841,178
  3. Nevada–$15,246,405
  4. Texas–$77,135,765
  5. New Mexico–$870,165
  6. New York–$106,225,695
  7. Arizona–$20,567,423
  8. Virginia–$49,175,677
  9. Colorado–$30,893,224
  10. Washington–$25,728,634

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