A week ago, Cyber Talk featured an article on cryptocurrency. It’s a complex topic that can make your head spin. The evolution of bitcoin and other digital currencies is prompting many to realize that we’re not talking about Monopoly money, here. It holds real value. For that reason, people who deal in those currencies need secure solutions to keep their money safe.

In Mark Frauenfelder’s article in Wired, he takes us on a personal odyssey in which a small fortune hangs in the balance. You know that terror you feel when you blank on a password to something really important? Now imagine that, plus the only key to recovery being words on a piece of paper that accidentally got thrown away.

To keep his mounting bitcoin sum safe, Frauenfelder invested in a Trezor, which is a hardware wallet. Therein lies the story of months of anxiety as he sought the help of pretty much everyone around him, including a hypnotist and a hacker. Guess which one prevailed.

Read the full story in Wired.