Last month, we reported on a cyberattack on a Montana school district. Now, new reports are surfacing of other schools across the nation being targeted. The most recent school to fall victim: Johnston, Iowa. TheDarkOverlord is believed to be the group responsible–the same hackers that leaked episodes of Orange is the New Black when Netflix wouldn’t pay up, and that launched a cyberattack on an Indiana cancer service agency, according to CSO.

What makes this group especially vile is the menacing nature of their attacks, which includes sending text-based threats to parents. CSO’s Ms. Smith reports, “Some of the text messages were shared with the media. One read: “Your child is still so innocent. Don’t have anyone look outside.” When the parent told them to stop, the response was “I’m only getting started.”

Attacks on schools have been disclosed in Iowa, Montana, Texas, and Alabama.

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