Last Friday, Hillary Clinton spoke at Stanford University, as part of the rollout of a new program, the Global Digital Policy Incubator (GDPI). GDPI’s mission is to spur policy and governance in the digital landscape. During her keynote address, as Alex Shashkevich reports in Stanford News, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said an attack on the technological infrastructure of the United States is akin to an attack with conventional weapons.

Jeremy Fleming, the head of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) the UK’s intelligence and security organisation, echoed Clinton’s thoughts. Writing in The Telegraph, Fleming says, “If GCHQ is to continue to help keep the country safe, then protecting the digital homeland – keeping our citizens safe and free online – must become and remain as much part of our mission as our global intelligence reach and our round-the-clock efforts against terrorism.”

Fleming is redoubling focus on cyber security after the outbreak of WannaCry several months ago and several incidents in which political parties and MPs were targeted by hackers–all of which had major impact on business and government operations.

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