In its State of the Internet/Security Report for Q2 2017, Akamai analyzed data from more than 230,000 servers in 1600-plus networks.  Chief among its findings: US organizations were the hardest hit with more than 122.4 million attacks in three months. The UK placed second, with almost 33 million attacks. In all, despite three consecutive quarters of decline in DDoS attacks, the second quarter of 2017 saw a 28 percent spike.

Aged malware known as PBot, was responsible for the strongest DDoS attacks. Cyber attackers were able to create a mini-DDoS botnet that let them conduct attacks at 75 gigabits per second. Targets were hit 32 times on average. However, a gaming company was victimized six times a day on average.

Also of note, hackers were operating more efficiently, using fewer devices. According to the report, the number of IP addresses used to conduct DDoS attacks dropped 98 percent.

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