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200M Twitter users’ information leaked online

Jan 5 – On a popular hacker forum, the data belonging to over 200 million Twitter users has been leaked. Hackers are selling and circulating data sets from scraped Twitter profiles.

The data sets were initially developed in 2021. At that point in time, hackers managed to exploit a Twitter API vulnerability that allowed users to input email addresses and phone numbers in order for users to confirm their Twitter ID.

The hackers later used another API to scrape the public Twitter data for the ID and combined this public data with private email addresses/phone numbers to create full profiles of Twitter account owners.

In short, whether or not your information was exposed within this latest Twitter breach hinges on whether or not your information was compromised in a past Twitter breach.

Experts say that this latest leak represents a significant privacy concern, particularly for Twitter users who use the platform anonymously. With this leak, hackers may be able to identify anonymous Twitter users and to expose their true identities.

All Twitter users should remain alert concerning targeted, Twitter-related phishing scams. Many of these are expected to steal passwords or other sensitive information.

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