Cyber Talk’s crossword answer key:

  1. Main component of a server? Central Processing Unit
  2. Biggest cloud security issue? Misconfiguration
  3. What does https:// (as opposed to http://) indicate? SSL encryption
  4. A group of computers networked together that deploy an attack? Botnet
  5. A common 5 number password that should be avoided? 12345
  6. A “tunnel” for private network browsing? VPN
  7. A malware synonymous with EternalBlue? WannaCry
  8. Biggest cyber hack in history? Shamoon
  9. A new architecture designed to strengthen security in cloud ecosystems? SASE
  10. 5G is often married with the cutting-edge tech called? Edge
  11. A common control used to protect access? Zero trust
  12. Which social media platform is a hackers’ favorite? Facebook

Thank you for playing Cyber Talk’s crossword puzzle. We hope that you enjoyed the game and gained valuable security insights in the process. For more fun content from Cyber Talk, check out our funniest cyber security quotes article, some of the strangest hacks we’ve seen, the best server room movie scenes, our C-level YouTube playlist and more.