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11 security flaws, CODESYS

Jun 27 –For those who are unaware, CODESYS is a software suite relied upon by automation specialists as a development environment for programmable logic controller applications. Security vulnerabilities in this software suite could lead to damaging industrial scenarios, including equipment damage and temporary enterprise stagnation.

CODESYS security flaws

Earlier this year, following responsible disclosure, CODESYS released a patch for 11 different vulnerabilities. However, if successfully exploited, these security issues could result in information disclosure and denial-of-service, among other serious cyber security challenges.

On a technical level, exploitation of the security weaknesses could enable malicious actors to seize control over a targeted programmable logic controller (PLC), but could also result in the download of a rogue project that, in turn, leads to arbitrary code execution.

Patch management CODESYS

Organizations are advised to apply patches in a timely fashion. Organizations may also wish to locate the affected products behind the security protection devices and pursue a defense-in-depth strategy as it relates to network security.

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